Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play Ball! Marketing Baseball's Opening Day

Today is Major League Baseball's opening day, with six games scheduled. The Giants, who won last year's World Series, will play the Dodgers. The Rangers, who lost to the Giants in the Series, open their season against the Red Sox tomorrow.

Topps, maker of baseball trading cards, is marketing a special "opening day" assortment. Sports Illustrated has an entire section on opening day predictions, opinions, players, and so forth.

For a business wrap-up of last year's season and a preview of this year's business possibilities, click over to Forbes. The Yankees (my hometown team) have already sold $3 million worth of tickets--at the league's highest prices, says Forbes, which predicts that the Yankees and Phillies will be tops in attendance in 2011.

You say you want a baseball app? Well, you've got lots of choices. Never miss a game or a score, even if you're hundreds of miles from the nearest stadium. Batter up!

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