Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ronald McDonald Has a Good Side

I know Ronald McDonald has been blamed for luring kids to eat unhealthy McDonald's meals. And he's also an icon whose time has probably come and gone. So many brands, mascots, and symbols are being updated these days, it's not surprising that McDonald's is deemphasizing Ronald in its marketing efforts.

But let's not forget that Ronald McDonald has a good side--his name, image, and fundraising power are behind the 300+ Ronald McDonald houses that help ill children and their families stay together throughout terrible medical times and months of treatments.

Ronald is doing good works around the world. Below, he rides through Rio de Janeiro on McHappy Day, an annual event that raises enough money to help treat 30,000 ill Brazilian children.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities are very much alive and they serve hundreds of thousands of children and families every year. So even if Ronald the clown is moving out of the marketing spotlight for McDonald's, Ronald as the symbol of the children's charities should get a bit of respect.

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