Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Zildjian - Made in America

Zildjian is legendary for its cymbals, used by the world's best drummers--not just in the rock world but also country, hip-hop, marching bands, classical orchestras, and on and on.

The family-owned company dates back hundreds of years to its Istanbul roots, passing from one generation to another in turn. Avedis Zildjian came to America in 1929 and brought the business with him to Massachusetts, where it's been ever since.

Cymbal manufacturing is alive and well in America. In fact, Zildgian's cymbals enjoy a 65% share of the market, and the firm rings up $50 million in annual revenues.

Social media communication is a big part of Zildjian's marketing: It has 190,000 Facebook likes and 10,500 Twitter followers, for example. Promotions that generate buzz are also important: To drum up business for its dealers, Zildjian periodically holds special events such as tours that bring musicians or one-of-a-kind cymbals to local stores. Made in America, yes, but known the world over.

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