Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Marketing Lightbulb Goes On

The incandescent lightbulb (you know, the old-fashioned type invented by Thomas Edison) is far from dead.

It's true, some older-tech bulbs are no longer on store shelves (or won't be there for long) because governmental regulations now require lightbulbs to meet drastically higher efficiency standards.

But the good news is that 21st century lightbulbs are greener and more affordable than ever. Or as Time magazine says: "Long Live the Lightbulb." For example:
  • Advanced Lighting Technologies markets the Vybrant 2x, an incandescent bulb that's more energy-efficient and lasts twice as long as old bulbs.
  • Cree makes LED bulbs (endorsed by NASCAR star Richard Petty) designed to burn brightly for thousands of hours at a low cost. Cree connects with consumers on FB of course.
  • Energy Star ratings help consumers know which bulbs meet the EPA's standards for energy efficiency.
Interestingly, some consumers may choose to avoid these newer lightbulbs when the products are marketed with a "good for the environment" message. Why? Research shows that the issue of carbon emissions is a politically polarizing one. Another possible explanation for why consumers don't choose green lightbulbs may be their perceptions of the burnt-out bulbs being difficult to recycle. No wonder marketers need to understand the marketing environment and study consumer behavior before deciding on a message.

By the way, here's a site with ideas about how to safely dispose of CFLs and other alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs.

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