Monday, July 8, 2013

Snapple Promotes . . . "Nothing"

"Snapple Issues Press Release About Nothing." That's the headline of Snapple's latest press release, announcing a sales promotion in which consumers can win, well, lots of nothing. And given the trendiness of irony, I think the promotion is low-key and clever.

The press release continues: Brand Researches, Plans, Ultimately Comes Up With Nothing.

As it turns out, winning nothing actually means winning no bills (cash prize); no airfare (free travel); no gas bill (free gas); and so on.

Snapple knows where its customer base likes to hang out: The brand has 2.7 million Facebook likes and16,700 Twitter followers. It's also active on YouTube.

The brand is part of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, which owns more than 4 dozen soft drink brands, including 7Up, Crush, Hawaiian Punch, RC Cola, and A&W. The group's gross profit margin has been inching higher as sales edge lower in recent months, due to softening demand for soft drinks in US markets. The "Nothing" promotion seems designed to give Snapple a hipper, higher profile among thirsty younger consumers.

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