Thursday, July 18, 2013

Virgin and Innocent: Brand Names That Communicate

Sir Richard Branson came up with the "Virgin" brand when he was 15 and brainstorming record-label names. In this video, he tells the Wall Street Journal that "Virgin" was a little naughty and attention-getting--two positives for a record label, especially considering the competition at that time. Even today, Virgin's brand communicates an upstart, entrepreneurial attitude that reflects the founder's approach to business--all business, but not like everybody else does business.

At the other end of the brand-implications spectrum is Innocent, the name chosen for smoothies with no additives, just natural, healthy ingredients. "No nasties," read one early tagline. That about sums up the brand promise--which is why Innocent is such an evocative name and so appropriate for the UK company.

Despite Coca-Cola making a series of investments in Innocent, the firm has retained its cheeky attitude and independence, relying on its investor for support in areas such as becoming the official smoothie and juice sponsor of London's 2012 Olympics (where Coke was a major sponsor).

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