Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Tis the Season to Pin: Retailers and Pinterest

'Tis the season to pin! Retailers are increasingly pinning their hopes on Pinterest, with marketing campaigns geared to the visual and viral. Here's a quick overview--Pin numbers are as of December 19:
  • Macy's is a Pinterest heavyweight, with more than 10,000 pins, including "Star Gifts," a seasonal board featuring holiday gift ideas.
  • Topshop, the UK-based apparel retailer, partnered with Pinterest on "Dear Topshop," a gifting campaign (see screen shot at left) that lends itself to sharing. Pinterest users can pin their gift wish-lists, exchange ideas about holiday outfits, and more. 5,300 pins and counting.
  • Neiman Marcus continues its Pinterest series of pins under boards with titles like "The Art of Celebration!" and "The Art of Giving." More than 7,300 pins.
  • Walmart has 3,000+ pins, including seasonal gifts, crafts, and entertaining ideas/products. 
  • Target (which today announced a security breach involving as many as 40 million credit/debit cards) has 6,000+ pins, from party goods and gifts to holiday food ideas. 
  • Home Depot has 5,000 pins, covering the usual DIY products plus gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for kids.
  • Lowe's has 2,275 pins, including gifts for him and gifts for her, and holiday home ideas.
  • Amazon has, surprisingly, only 524 pins. Topping the list: holiday gifts, electronics gifts, toys, and lifestyle.

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