Thursday, December 26, 2013

Strolling Down the Starbucks Signature Aisle

Now that Starbucks stores are everywhere, the company that brought coffee culture to America is seeking growth through branded packaged products sold in other stores.

The biggest battleground is in supermarkets. Above, a Starbucks Signature Aisle located inside a Safeway supermarket, showing the special holiday blend and the loyalty program Starbucks is offering to reward frequent buyers, an extension of its highly successful cafe rewards program. Don't forget Evolution Fresh juices (acquired in 2011) and the new yogurt to be cobranded with Danone.

To prepare for this latest growth strategy, Starbucks ended its long-time deal with Kraft, which was its original partner for packaged-coffee sold in supermarkets. Even though the divorce cost Starbucks more than $2.7 billion, the company viewed it as a necessary step toward further expansion.

Knowing what customers buy in a cafe and in a store will help Starbucks do a better job of targeting and promoting all of its foods and beverages.

Meanwhile, watch for more Starbucks cafes with localized decor as 2014 arrives. And if you're the one of the one in 10 Americans who (according to company estimates) receives a Starbucks gift card this holiday season, enjoy!

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