Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hyperpersonalized Products Purchased with a Click

From Chroma Graphics: http://www.chroma-graphics.com/items.aspx?catID=6
Last week's Economist looked at the ongoing trend of consumers using window decals to personalize their cars, vans, and trucks. Above, one of the many decal kits made by Chroma Graphics, featured in the article titled Family portraits on wheels: Windscreens are the new Facebook. Below, a decal from Family Stickers, which will customize each order to the buyer's unique specifications.
From Family Stickers: http://www.familystickers.com

Mass customization is nothing new, but today's hyperpersonalization trend reflects both consumers' need for individuality and the widespread availability of personalized products purchased with a click. These are not your father's car decals ("Go Yankees! Honor student on board. My other car is a Jag.").

Today's decals reflect social and cultural trends as well as both affective and cognitive associations. Just like people tweet, blog, Instagram, and use other social media, they also communicate their thoughts and feelings and beliefs via decals and other hyperpersonalized products for attire, vehicles, homes, etc.

Of course, 3D printing is ushering in a new era of hyperpersonalization for an increasingly wider range of products. In March, Oreo used 3D printing to personalize cookies via Twitter for SXSW goers. Read more about hyperpersonalization and 3D printing here on the Interbrand site.

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