Monday, May 19, 2014

Marriott's Moxy Strategy

Twenty-something hipsters who want affordable yet stylish hotel digs when they travel are the target market for Marriott's newest chain of hotels, branded Moxy. Opening only in Europe, Moxy hotels are "designed for value-conscious travelers, which is not to say that all millennials are value conscious," observes Marriott's global brand officer for lifestyle and luxury brands. "But people in their 20s tend to be more cost conscious." In other words, this is often a price-sensitive segment yet demanding in terms of features and design.

Millennials also tend to be social and connected, so Moxy will offer digital amenities as well, including free Wi-Fi and outlets for charging electronic gadgets. Naturally, Moxy will have digital marketing to reach the always-connected Millennial target market.

Moxy is a partnership between Marriott and IKEA, the Swedish furniture retail chain. Although the hotels won't have IKEA flat-pack furniture, they will have some self-serve elements--reflecting the habits and expectations of the target market. How will Moxy affect the other Marriott brand strategies as Millennials expand their travel plans, increase their incomes, and change their behavior over time?

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