Friday, September 19, 2014

Derek Jeter, Legendary Brand Ambassador

Derek Jeter's retirement from the NY Yankees is unlikely to halt his success as a brand ambassador. Jeter has maintained the respect of peers, sponsors, and the public, even as some other star athletes have been embroiled in controversy and scandals. His involvement with brands adds that "halo" of legend, a plus in sports marketing.

One of several tributes to Jeter in his final Major League Baseball season is this stylish commercial from Gatorade. Jeter himself suggested the action and the Frank Sinatra musical accompaniment. There's a print tribute as well.

Nike, another brand endorsed by Jeter, has its own plans for tributes

Whether the Yanks get to the 2014 playoffs or not, Jeter has had a terrific baseball career--and his successful marketing career still has a lot of momentum.

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