Friday, October 23, 2015

McDonald's Starts Its Turnaround

McDonald's reported good quarterly earnings for a change. Competition from other casual dining chains has been a problem. Also helping the turnaround: new menu items and revamped favorites with quality ingredients (like using butter in the Egg McMuffin instead of non-butter). Not to mention that McDonald's also figured out (finally) how to meet demand for all-day breakfast (promoted with #AllDayBreakfast)--results that should show up in the next earnings report.

The venerable burger chain is testing "customizable burgers" in particular locations--and also testing sweet potato fries and Monster energy drinks. The Value Menu (needed during the recent recession) could very well be the next revamp. Meanwhile, with ethical sourcing and sustainability on the menu, McDonald's is moving toward using only eggs from cage-free chickens little by little in the US and Canada.

For smartphone users, the McDonald's app provides directions to the nearest location and, of course, weekly specials.

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