Thursday, October 1, 2015

Single-Serve Pods Beyond Coffee

Keurig Kold
Keurig Green Mountain has just introduced a new product, the Keurig KOLD Drinkmaker - a machine for making ice-cold sodas and other chilled beverages, one serving at a time, at home.

Why? Now that K-cup coffeemakers are ubiquitous (meaning in the maturity stage of the product life-cycle), marketers are looking to take single-serve pods beyond coffee. This would extend the life-cycle and also attract new customers (such as those who aren't coffee fans, for instance). This is also in line with the trend toward at-home beverage makers like the SodaStream.
Keurig estimates its US market share of single-serve coffee-makers at 17%. By targeting the chilled soft-drink market, the company can reach a new audience and increase penetration. The KOLD machine is a stand-alone product, although Keurig is working on one machine that can produce both hot and cold drinks.

"It's a premium, it's about choice and convenience," explains Keurig's CEO about the 90-second process, which chills the beverage as it carbonates and adds flavor. Among the first sodas to be dispensed through the KOLD are Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, and Sprite. Instead of having to store bottles or cans of soda, KOLD customers can make a fresh glass of the flavor of their choice.

Will KOLD find a large audience?

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