Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What Happens in Vegas . . . at the CES

What happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas, at least not this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

If you're involved in marketing, you should be aware of the technologies and trends represented at this annual event. More than 3,000 companies show their latest goods and services in Las Vegas. More than three-quarters of the top retailers and the largest U.S. firms are there. Read the coverage, watch the videos and slide shows, just for a taste of tech today and tomorrow.

Some products on display are concepts only, others are in the launch stage. In all, you'll get a sense of where design is headed, as well as insights into how companies are applying consumer behavior research. Tech is driving new product development in categories well beyond traditional consumer electronics. So take a look:
  • The Internet of Things is in evidence, although the public may not be adopting these products as quickly as manufacturers had hoped. See a gallery here.
  • Above, a new LG refrigerator that lights up the interior with a knock. No more holding doors open and letting cold air out.
  • This isn't a car show -- or is it? Faraday Future has a concept car that looks cutting edge. Ford is talking about self-driving cars. GM is also talking about self-driving cars. Well, almost everyone is talking about them. Google is actually doing something about self-driving cars.
  • Tech-laden clothing--wearable technology--is here. Again.
  • Fitness (actually, wellness in general) continues to be a hotbed of tech activity. Just one example of many: Under Armour is introducing new fitness devices. 
Remember, derived demand (the idea that demand for one product is based on--derived from--demand for another product) may be a key factor if you're marketing a good or service related to any of these technologies or products. So think ahead and consider how any of these products may suggest new directions for your brand or offering.

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