Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fast-Food Products Build Buzz and Brands

The big fast-food chains are busy testing new menu items, to sharpen brand differentiation, keep loyal customers returning to try new choices, build buzz, and possibly find the next new food trend.

  • Burger King is introducing a buzzy new item named Cheetos Chicken Fries which--as the name suggests--are "fries" made from chicken and coated in Cheeto-flavored breading. Co-branding adds a marketing hook too.
  • McDonald's recently tested a mozzarella - pesto melt sandwich in California. It's also fine-tuning its popular All-Day Breakfast menu, which is helping to boost revenues.
  • Chick-fil-A is testing healthy menu items featuring grains that aren't yet mainstream among fast-food rivals, such as quinoa and chia seeds, which will differentiate the brand.
  • Carl's Jr and Hardy's are adding steak to the breakfast menu, part of a trend toward beefing up (pun intended) the morning meal offerings to grab a larger share of breakfast revenues.

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