Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Early Mobile Marketing Adopters

OK, it's no surprise that iPhone users are early adopters and opinion leaders. I didn't realize, until I read MediaPost's reports about AdMob's analysis of Gartner cell phone sales stats and NetApplications data, that iPhone users were the biggest consumers of mobile marketing in April.

If this trend continues, will the future of mobile marketing be shaped by iPhone users? Rubicon Consulting's recent report on iPhone users confirms that they're young, affluent, and tech-savvy. ReadWriteWeb observes that the iPhone's success puts pressure on mobile phone makers to improve the mobile web experience in general. Of course this will ultimately lead to new capabilities and new ideas for marketing to . . . people who are joined at the hip to their cell phones.

It makes sense that iPhone users would be early adopters of mobile marketing, in part because they like being the first to try the new new thing and in part because they enjoy exploring every last feature and app. If mobile marketers can generate interest and actual response among iPhone users, other consumers are sure to follow. Just as important, other marketers are sure to follow and continue experimenting to learn what the mobile audience likes and dislikes, praises and pans.

Bottom line for mobile marketers: Pay very close attention to response. Experiment, learn from other marketers, and be sure that whatever you do works well on iPhones.

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