Friday, May 1, 2009

Mayo Blogs and Tweets

The Mayo Clinic blogs and tweets? It has multiple web sites and e-mail newsletters? Yes--what a great way to polish the rep plus connect with potential patients, colleagues, and other key stakeholders.

The clinic's social media guru, Lee Aase, also runs SMUG, which stands for Social Media University, Global. Check it out for courses about blogging, tweeting, podcasting, and other social media practices. All for free. This is just what the doctor ordered.

Why does Mayo, a well-regarded medical institution of long standing and high stature, believe in social media? Here's the answer, courtesy of a recent article in the Star Tribune:

"As we see people communicating in new ways, we want Mayo Clinic to be part of the conversation," said Dr. Thoralf Sundt, chair of Mayo's marketing committee. "We know the conversations are happening out there. This is a chance for us to join."

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