Thursday, April 30, 2009

Waving Goodbye to Pontiac

Who knows how many GM brands will fade away before the company shrinks into nothingness or winks out of existence? This time, it's Pontiac's turn to say goodbye. When Oldsmobile was axed a few years ago, some fans protested--but not surprisingly, Pontiac's demise hasn't raised much of a ruckus among current owners (all "fourteen" of you).

In fact, comments on Ad Age's story are downright nostalgic. The GTO's racing lines and power were nothing short of legendary during the 1970s-era muscle-car mania. But these days, Pontiac seems part of a period that reached its peak long, long ago.

Here's the official announcement about Pontiac, direct from its brand web site. And from the MSNBC site, the above photo is actually the start of a fun slide show on the brand's history. Bye-bye Pontiac. No U-turns for you.

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