Sunday, April 12, 2009

Target's Targeting

Target is targeting-savvy: It knows it can't be all things to all people, and some people have specific buying needs that Target can readily (and profitably) satisfy. Want to save money? Sign up for Target's e-mailed bargains (or get a text message when sale notices are posted online). Stumped for a gift idea? Search for that special someone's TargetList (that's a wish list).

I particularly like Target's targeted catalogs published on its web site. Bull's eye!
  • Club Wedd, a wedding registry catalog (with subcategories: entertain, cook, renew, play, care).
  • Baby Buying Guide, planning for new parents and those giving them gifts (registry too).
  • Baby Inspiration Catalog, gifts and purchases for after baby arrives (plus registry, of course).

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