Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mobilizing Mobile Marketing

Calling all marketers: Think creatively about how to engage customers through mobile marketing. For instance, Kellogg has brand fans in Britain and Ireland using their cell phones to participate in its "Big Bake" program.

Kellogg invites customers to Bake (a recipe of your choice, using a Kellogg cereal) + Snap (photograph yourself with your baked item) = Ta Da (send the photo via cell phone or e-mail to Kellogg and your creation could star in a future Kellogg TV commercial or print ad). In addition, Kellogg posts submitted photos of customer-baked goods on its Big Bake site, the way Jones Soda displays customer-submitted label designs on its Web site.

Ring up a few other mobile marketing campaigns at the Yahoo! mobile marketing awards. Be sure to read this thought-provoking post about pitfalls of mobile marketing before you start dialing for dollars (or pounds sterling).

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