Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Parades Online

So many towns and cities have Memorial Day parades . . . and web sites to let people know where and when.

To keep the traditions alive, it's important to use media that reach people of all ages--the web, Twitter, FB, whatever.
  • Washington DC has the big National Memorial Day Parade (see above).
  • I found a state-by-state listing of parades here.
  • Rockville, MD's parade web site is easy to navigate, includes names/logos of corporate sponsors.
  • Canoga Park, CA's parade web site is particularly professional.
  • Milwaukee's parade web site has lots of heart, very colorful.
  • On Facebook, the Memorial Day page by Soldiers Angels, quite moving, is here. Not a parade site, but a memorial and history plus some parade mentions.

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