Friday, October 23, 2009

NASCAR Sponsors Chase Brand Connections

This weekend is the TUMS Fast Relief 500 NASCAR race. At first I wasn't sure about connecting the TUMS brand with a NASCAR race; then I realized that this is a good way to reinforce the brand's benefit of speedy relief. Plus TUMS gets thousands and thousands of brand impressions in one day through this sponsorship, not counting pre-race publicity.

Every NASCAR race has a different sponsor, each brand seeking to leverage audience demographics, psychographics, and interests. For instance:
  • Chevy Rock & Roll 400 (natural connection)
  • AAA 400 (associate with auto/travel benefits)
  • Pepsi 500 (link "fun" soft drink with exciting sports event)
  • Amp Energy 500 (high-energy sports event, high-energy Pepsi drink)
  • Ford 400 (another natural connection)
  • Sharpie 500 (get a driver's autograph with a Sharpie?)
  • Carfax 400 (check Carfax before buying used cars?)

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