Monday, October 12, 2009

CSR at the Gap

Corporate social responsibility reports are new for some companies, but not for the Gap. The San Francisco-based retailer got deeply involved in international CSR years ago, after bad publicity about living and working conditions at the overseas factories where its apparel products are made. It instituted strict supplier compliance rules and backed them up with action. It has also focused on going green throughout its value chain.

The Gap has been issuing CSR reports for some time, switching to online-only communications in recent years to save trees and money. Its latest report is a multimedia affair, chock full of info about its factories, suppliers, environmental initiatives, employee engagement and much more.

Check out the Gap's "data dashboard" page with metrics reflecting the retailer's CSR goals and progress. Very well done, easy to understand, and a good tool for letting stakeholders know, at a glance, what the chain has accomplished in CSR.

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