Monday, October 19, 2009

Intel Code Names

Remember Pentium or, even earlier, those Intel microprocessor chips that had only numbers like 386, not names? Today Intel likes to use code names for chips and other products. The company Web site has an alphabetized list of processor code names, starting with Banias and ending with Yorkfield. Chipsets go by code names such as 870, Crestline, and Springdale. Boards carry code names like Buffalo Creek, Fly Creek, and Raisin City. Makes me want to get out my atlas or use Google Earth to look up where in the world these are named for (except 870, of course).

Speaking of Intel, Fast Company has a quick slide show of Intel past, present, and future, to go with its November cover story Intel Risks It All (Again). Worth reading, especially the parts where Intel learns to work with Apple and how its recent ad campaign came about. Chipzilla?!

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