Friday, February 19, 2010

Marketing the Hotel Lifestyle for Home

Loved that lamp in your resort room? How about the pillows or mattress in your suite? You can live that lifestyle at home by buying the hotel-branded items of your choice from the hotel's in-room catalog or online listing or gift registry.

The Westin at Home Store features bed, bath, spa, and gifts. Plus the Web site invites bridal registry so friends and family can pick a Westin gift that the happy couple really wants.

Marriott has an in-room catalog offering all kinds of branded hotel items for sale, from soap to robes to bedding. It also has a Honeymoon Registry (see graphic above), where couples can register to have family and friends contribute toward their dream vacation in four categories: Accommodations, Food & Beverages, Activities, and Merchandise (the latter for bringing the hotel lifestyle home).

The Four Seasons promotes selected hotel-branded items for home use in its monthly magazine. A few weeks ago, the featured item was the special Four Seasons bed--available only through a concierge at one of the company's resorts or hotels, an ordering mechanism less convenient than the Westin offers.

Marketing the hotel lifestyle for home is a smart idea because it reinforces what the brands stand for and offers customers the opportunity to bring the brand into their daily lives.

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