Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can Blockbuster Rebuild?

Blockbuster is having a hard year (and it's only February). It's closing more stores, rolling out more movie kiosks in partnership with NCR, streaming movies online, and trying to regain momentum lost to Netflix and Redbox.

Some observers wonder whether Blockbuster will ever catch up to Netflix, which was once considered a feisty start-up long-shot and now dominates the industry. The Blockbuster brand is well known, but can the company transition from a "retail" brand to a broader concept?

Downloadable, streamable, and DVR-recorded movies from sources such as Amazon and Hulu.com are a competitive challenge for Blockbuster, which not long ago said its 2009 financial performance would not be, well, much of a blockbuster.

The company has a new iPhone app, which is a good thing. It's also got a mobile site, optimized for cell phone screens. But can Blockbuster rebuild in time?

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