Saturday, February 6, 2010

Viral ad/brand videos

One day before the Super Bowl, Unruly Media's listing of non-Super Bowl viral ad/brand videos includes iPad, Adidas' Star Wars, and the Wal-Mart Clown commercial.

What will the Super Bowl offer to pop culture this year? Previews abound. Many ads have been released virally to build buzz well before the Saints and Colts play (you did know those are the teams in this year's game, right?). Above is Danica Patrick, who will star in advertising, posted on the company's site in advance so fans know what to look for.

Last year, CIO mag released its list of "Top 10 Most Viral Super Bowl Ads" a day after the 2009 game. came out on top. Who will be on top in 2010? Tune in tomorrow. Really.

Or watch Twitter, where (as Mashable notes) you can see comments on the trending ads right away.

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