Thursday, February 25, 2016

Alamo Drafthouse Promotes the Movie Experience

Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse has a movie for every taste and a tasty menu for nearly every taste. The chain, which has 22 theaters and aims for 50 within two years, keeps customers coming back by devising special drinks/foods and contests to complement the movies it shows--the latest hits and classics as well. Customizing by market, by movie, and by occasion helps the company differentiate itself and appeal to movie-lovers who want a different movie experience.

In fact, Alamo's approach to cinema-friendly food (well beyond the usual popcorn and soda pop) earns it reviews in many markets. The food and the movies are tailored to each market, making this not-a-cookie-cutter chain that thinks and acts local. Alamo has even been honored by PETA for its vegan-friendly food.

At Oscar time, Alamo runs a chainwide promotion inviting customers to vote for their Oscar favorites. It releases the results on the night the awards are given out, with prizes for customers who guess correctly.

One rule enforced by every Alamo theater is: No talking or texting during the movie, period. Above, the "don't talk" announcement that airs in Alamo theaters before movies begin. Alamo doesn't even bombard viewers with the usual 5-8 previews ahead of the feature. Instead, it customizes preshow content for its customers. And it has a rewards program that grants every member at least 3 free movie admissions per year, building goodwill and encouraging loyalty.

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