Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Ads: Lots of Celebs and Animals and Humor, Also Some Duds


Although the most excitement of the evening was on the field as the Denver Broncos stomped the Carolina Panthers, many viewers tuned in to see the ads as much as the game.

Critics gave this year's crop of Super Bowl ads a mixed reception:
  • The New York Times said the ads mostly played it safe, using well-known celebrity power to attract attention and a zoo-full of animals (the famous Clydesdales, plus assorted doggies, a puppy-monkey-baby character, and more).
  • USA Today's top pick was Hyundai's humorous ad featuring a dad tracking his daughter and her date. 
  • NPR liked Heinz's weiner dogs and Honda's singing sheep as the top animal-driven ads.
  • Chicago Tribune liked the weiner dogs but didn't like the constipation ad, LG ad, or puppy-monkey-baby ad.
  • Advertising Age liked puppy-monkey-baby and Avocados from Mexico, among others. 
  • Adweek didn't like the constipation ad, Rocket Mortgage, PayPal, Skittles, and LG's ad. 
In keeping with the upbeat spirit of the night--underdog beats favored team--I enjoyed the Coca-Cola ad, featuring buddy-buddies Ant-Man and Hulk. It has 2 million YouTube views and counting.

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