Sunday, February 14, 2016

Burger King Wants to Be Hot Dog King?

Burger King recently announced the addition of a new menu item: hot dogs, available in two variations. One is "classic" with relish and other garnishes, the other is a chili-cheese dog.

So far, the fast-food firm says its test-marketing showed customers are adding dogs to their orders, not substituting dogs for burgers or other items. "It was the biggest market test that we ever did," explains the North American BK president.

In other words, this is a top-line revenue generator, and possibly a traffic-booster (at least in the short term). Plus the dogs will be supplied by Oscar Mayer, which has to be a brand boost.

Given how few national chains offer hot dogs, Burger King may see this as a way to differentiate its menu and offer a staple item that appeals across demographic groups. But given the trend toward healthier eating, adding grilled dogs is a counter-intuitive idea that might work out because it isn't "on trend."

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