Friday, February 5, 2016

Super Bowl 50: Super Ads?

The pressure is on advertisers to, well, not drop the ball during the Super Bowl. “You want to make sure you're representing your client's brand in the best way possible,” says the head of the ad agency that produced Kia's Optima ad (starring Christopher Walken, above). That means delivering a memorable ad that adds to the brand's reputation or buzz, no lawsuits in sight.

This is a milestone year for the football championship. Will it be a milestone year for bowl ads? Already, marketers are sizing up the size of their response by releasing ads online ahead of the game. CBS is even touting the ads to be posted on game day and promising a fan vote finish for audience involvement.

For insights into how behavioral science is applied in Super Bowl ads, take a look at this fascinating Ad Age piece. And don't forget the perennial approaches that have attracted viewers in the past, such as "see our banned ad."

On Sunday, which ad will score the most audience touchdowns? Which brands will do the best in social media?

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