Monday, July 21, 2008

Marketing Colonoscopies and More

The media and messages of public health issues don't fit into neat marketing boxes. Just yesterday, a long Newsday article reported that many public service announcements simply don't get their messages across effectively.

By "effectively," I mean they don't move mountains of people to proactively protect their health by getting a colonoscopy or having a mammogram or clicking that seat belt. Some people do get the message, but many let it wash over them without taking action. My friend Susan has decided that this is the week to take action--and I'm very glad!

I just visited the Ad Council web site to look at public health campaigns and there are some really good campaigns to review. Take a look, admire the marketing mechanics, and then take action for yourself.

In particular, I like the stroke awareness campaign because:
  • It's multimedia (which means people who are visually-oriented can absorb the message, people who prefer to get info by listening can get it, people who like to click can get info on the web, etc.).
  • It's got solid information to help me recognize the symptoms of a stroke and get help fast.

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