Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Grad: Beatrice of Beatrice's Goat

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"The Luckiest Girl"
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof discusses the latest chapter in the story of Beatrice Biira, whose life was forever changed by the gift of a Heifer goat. Kristof believes small gifts can make a big difference. Read more. Learn more about Beatrice.

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The children's book Beatrice's Goat has become a classic about how a Heifer International donation of a goat helped a family in Uganda afford to send their daughter, Beatrice, to school.

Now Beatrice has graduated from Connecticut College and will go on for grad work in the U.S. Read all about it in The New York Times. A real-life story with a happy ending and a happy feeling for people who support Heifer and similar charities.

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