Friday, November 6, 2009

Join the Choir at IKEA

IKEA has kicked off its annual Soft Toys Aid campaign, donating $1 for each toy sold before Christmas to UNICEF and Save the Children. This program alone has raised nearly $17 million since 2003. And that total doesn't count the millions of dollars IKEA has committed to UNICEF projects through 2015.

Soft Toys Aid includes a fun social media component, with singing stuffed animals. Members of the public can "Join the choir" (record your voice and upload for one of the animals to sing) and "Share" (on Facebook, Digg, etc).

IKEA got involved with the children's nonprofits when it discovered that some of its suppliers were employing children. Instead of simply dropping the suppliers, IKEA asked the nonprofits for advice. Then it began monitoring its suppliers and established pilot programs to prevent the use of child labor. It became a strong supporter of children's rights and later created Soft Toys Aid, which allows shoppers to join the choir and feel good about helping children without spending an extra dime. Sing out for children!

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