Monday, November 30, 2009

CyberMonday Morning

It's the starting line for CyberMonday. During the weekend I heard lots of discussion about cyber bargains and some doubts that employees worried about layoffs and such would actually be surfing for deals at their desks (presumably while the bosses surf for deals at their desks). Maybe before or after work, they'll mouse around the merchant sites...

The buzz indicates that's CyberMonday blitz has been effective in spreading the word. Even if shoppers don't click through the official CyberMonday site, they're planning a bit of online bargain-hunting, achieving the promotion's goal.

In the UK, this is Mega Monday, also expected to be a very big day for online shopping. There's another reason for UK shoppers to click and buy today: Trying to get ahead of a possible postal strike.

Amazon UK expects its busiest Christmas season ever. Visa projects that UK shoppers will make 2.4 million online buys today with a Visa debit or credit card. Will CyberMonday and Mega Monday live up to expectations? Definitely--there's no question that buyers are increasingly comparing prices, researching products, and buying online (not just on computers but also on their now ubiquitous smartphones).

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