Thursday, December 3, 2009

Updating Puerto Rico's Advertising

Today's New York Times ad column by Stuart Elliott focuses on the new ad campaign for Puerto Rico, which revisits and updates the classic tourism campaign from 50 years ago.

At top is the old ad, photographed by Elliott Erwitt and with lots of copy about the renaissance of Puerto Rico and the island's highlights. The bottom ad is Erwitt's current take on the island, with fresh copy and a fresh new look.

The accompanying See Puerto Rico microsite features the new photos, categorized to grab the attention of vacationers who care about romance, cuisine, history, culture, beaches, and other activities. Click the videos link to see more.

This is a refreshing and welcome break from the usual sun, sea, and sand tourism campaigns for sunny destinations. It's classy and artistic without being stuffy, and--most important--it differentiates Puerto Rico from all of its neighbors. In short, smart marketing.

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