Monday, January 17, 2011

5 Million Beatles Downloads from iTunes in 60 Days

The headline says it all: In the first 60 days of availability, Beatles songs were downloaded from iTunes an amazing 5 million times. Single songs are priced at $1.29 each, with albums priced at $12.99 for a single album and $19.99 for a double album.

Best case scenario, if Apple sold all 5 million tunes individually, it will have realized a sales bump of $6.45 million in just 2 months--all because it got the rights to sell digital Beatles songs.

Apple followed a long and winding road to get Beatles songs onto iTunes. The deal was finally announced on November 16 of last year, and fans obviously rushed to buy and download their favorite Fab Four tunes.

Sadly, Steve Jobs has just announced a medical leave of absence from Apple, and nobody in the know is talking publicly about what his health situation really is at this point. Be well, Mr. Jobs!

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