Sunday, January 2, 2011

Drive: Subaru's Glossy Marketing Mag

Happy new year! Just a few days ago, the quarterly glossy magazine published by Subaru arrived in my mailbox. Called Drive, it's got a little something for everyone. (And yes, I'm a serial Subaru owner.)

If you like beautiful scenery or sports, see where Subarus can take you (above, in the winter issue, to snowshoe). If you like human interest, read all about the featured owners (in this issue, it's Olympic gold medal freestyle skiier Donna Weinbrecht). Want to drill down into the tech details of Subaru vehicles? Read all about the new engine. Also in this issue: community involvement activities, eco-friendly ideas for sustainability, tips for Subaru owners.

And each issue has "Dear Subaru," a compilation of letters and photos from Subaru owners. This is where the marketing gets interactive. Owners are invited to go to and submit their stories and photos from the Subaru driving experience. These slice of life vignettes often show how Subaru owners used their vehicles on family trips or in emergency situations or for doing good in the community. But having a printed selection in the quarterly magazine is a nice touch too.

At a time when so many marketers are cutting back to save money, Subaru still mails out its printed mag every quarter and invites new subscribers, both owners and non-owners alike (smart!). For those who like to click around, the magazine is online and so is "Dear Subaru." If you want your Subaru info delivered online, you can go to the web or to YouTube's Subaru Channel or its Twitter posts or its Facebook presence. The choice is yours!

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