Sunday, October 7, 2012

McDonald's Canada Makes the Most of Content Marketing

Content marketing--marketing to demonstrate thought leadership through informative, engaging, and often original content --is increasingly vital in this age of social media and viral videos.

A company that can weave a theme of transparency and engage customers through content marketing is really savvy. That's why McDonald's Canada is doing so well with its content marketing initiatives, emerging as a model of how to address issues of real interest to customers, critics, and the company itself.

On a dedicated web page, on Facebook, and on Twitter, McD's Canada is inviting questions from the public and creating written answers, photos, and/or videos that respond with facts and details. Think the eggs on a McMuffin look too perfect to be fresh and real? McD's Canada can explain (here). An earlier video about how McD's burgers are prepped for commercials went viral worldwide.

As simple as this content marketing approach seems to be, it's actually breaking new ground and is a refreshing change from the usual over-produced, glitzy fast-food commercials and ads we're used to seeing. McD's Canada is promoting this "Our Food, Your Questions" program in multiple media to attract more attention and involve more customers in asking questions that offer opportunities for sharing info and educating the public about policies and practices.

Will other McDonald's companies follow this recipe for smart marketing?

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