Tuesday, October 16, 2012

State Fairs Reach Out to Exhibitors and Sponsors

State fairs are big business these days, with events scheduled over two or three weeks, multiple exhibit halls, musical presentations, agricultural contests, and much, much more. A million people or more attend each fair--creating a marketing opportunity for many companies.

Here's what the State Fair of Texas tells prospective exhibitors: The State Fair of Texas Auto Show functions on two levels. As an exposure venue, the Auto Show has no peer in its ability to put the product in front of the customer. As a sales venue, a big percentage of car purchases were preceded by a State Fair visit.

Demographics posted on the Texas site profile the Fair's audience. For example: Of the new car buyers who attend the Fair's auto show exhibits, household income is over $95,000, 76% are married, 51% are men/49% are women, and the average age is 44.

The Florida State Fair, held every February, describes its attendees using a variety of demographics, including: 88% are Florida residents, average household income is over $64,000, 60% of attendees work full time, and 14% of attendees bring children under 5 years old.

Here's what the Arizona State Fair knows about the 1.1 million people who attend during the fair's three weeks: Average household income is more than $55,000, 42% bring a child under the age of 12, 58% are female, and 34% have college degrees. 

The Ohio State Fair (photo above), which opens for two weeks each year, promotes itself to sponsors this way: The Ohio State Fair Corporate Event Marketing Program has developed into one of the most comprehensive grass-roots marketing initiatives in the Fair industry today. Whether you sell products or services, or have a message or initiative to promote, we can develop a turn-key tailored sponsorship and promotion program that provides integrated advertising, sales promotion and hospitality benefits to meet your goals and objectives.

Thinking about a state fair exhibit or sponsorship? Know your goals and objectives; determine whether the fair's audience matches your target market. Talk with sponsors and exhibitors who have experience with the fair you're considering. Be sure to attend before you sign. And enjoy!

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