Thursday, October 23, 2014

Airline Safety Videos Reinforce Brand Personality

Airlines have distinct brand personalities, and more carriers are reinforcing those images with unique and entertaining on-board safety videos.

The latest is by Air New Zealand, the "Official Airline of Middle-Earth." Here's a link to what the airline calls "the most epic safety video ever." The airline posted it on Youtube yesterday and in 24 hours, the video has attracted 616,000 views. And no wonder: It stars some of the Hobbit stars, including Elijah Wood, and takes the viewer on a journey that crosses New Zealand and enters the realm of elves and other Middle-Earth inhabitants.

Other airlines are using safety videos to reflect and reinforce brand personality--and to put a smile on passengers' faces while providing serious safety information. Virgin America has attracted millions of views for its animated safety video, for instance. 

Considering the intense competition among today's airlines, making safety videos entertaining and brand-related is a good way to give passengers a positive experience while getting ready for takeoff.

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