Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thinking About Digital Devices and "Dayparts"

Think with Google just posted a fascinating discussion about "dayparting" and targeting. The main idea is that marketers should analyze "micro-moment" opportunities for communicating with the target market, when and where and how these consumers are accessing data. How--meaning what type of digital device people are using at the time.

This isn't Google's first post about micro-moments. Last year, a post discussed how consumer behavior is shifting and now comprises so many split-second decisions and actions such as checking social media, checking a bank balance or texting a friend. At those moments, consumers may use different digital devices and want different info or products or functionality. Marketers, are you ready?

Pew Research points out (above) that Millennials are almost all tethered to their cell or smartphones--and some simply see no need for certain other digital devices. That's bad news for PC/Mac makers, bad news for marketers of e-book readers, bad news for game console marketers. It's also a wakeup call for marketers that think about websites and social media in terms of the big screen and in terms of one message all the time.

Mapping the dayparts of digital involvement, Google has found that many people use their phones to accomplish things on the way to work and after the work day is over. During business hours, more tablets and computers are used for online searches, compared with the number of searches by phone.

Understanding consumer behavior and micro-moments will help you plan marketing that makes sense for consumers and the digital device they're using at that time, the content they're seeking, and the functionality you should have for big or tiny screens. Is your marketing plan in tune with these micro-moments?

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