Thursday, October 23, 2008

Personalize Your Flip - Mass Customization Strikes Again!

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A few years ago, mass customization was a major marketing (and manufacturing) buzzword. The idea is to tailor mass-produced products to the preferences of individual buyers.

Take the Flip Mino camcorder, which buyers can personalize by choosing a case design from hundreds on the Flip site or designing their own. Pure Digital Technologies, which makes the Flip, even invites consumers to create and sell their own designs.

This puts the Flip into an entirely different category of self-expression. Not only can buyers (like myself) take videos when and where we want with a click or two, we can customize the camcorder to reflect a very individual style.

Read USA Today's article about this here. Even in a bad holiday selling season, I suspect the Flip will stand out because it's not expensive and it offers so many benefits. Do you agree?

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