Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rain-X Wiper Blades - Thank You Consumer Reports

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The November issue of Consumer Reports included a report on windshield wiper blades, something I know nothing about. It was time for new blades, however, so I took the magazine with me to the local auto parts store.

The second-best rated blade was Rain-X Latitude, a blade that's curved to fit the shape of the windshield. Even though it costs more than ordinary blades, I decided to go for it because Consumer Reports singled out its consistently good performance over time.

The friendly store staff installed them for me and now that I've tested them during a couple of rainstorms, I recommend Rain-X highly! And now the local store has been alerted to carry extra inventory in case customers like me show up with Consumer Reports in hand.

There's a promo special on the web site and don't click away without watching the commercial, which shows the blade's main benefits. Thanks, Consumer Reports!

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