Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soup's on: Stirring Up MSG Worries

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Campbell Soup and Progresso are having an ad war over MSG. According to BrandWeek, Campbell started the spat with an ad saying that Progresso's soups have MSG. Progresso fired back with an ad saying it was removing MSG from some soups and that MSG is an ingredient in many Campbell's soups.

The fight's not over yet: Both sides are busy reformulating soups to drop MSG--and telling the world that the other has more soups with MSG.

Fighting over MSG in the ad pages of the NY Times is costly. Does it work? Or will it confuse consumers and send them into the arms of other soup alternatives?

IMHO, this fight will prompt health-conscious buyers to read soup labels much more carefully. That's a good thing. How many Campbell's or Progresso soups have or don't have MSG isn't the real point. Which of those soups do buyers usually buy? What are their alternatives in the marketplace? Competition is M-M-M good and this actually puts the focus on choice and competition. Soup's on!

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