Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Buying from the Farmer's Cow

Actually, I buy eggs from the Farmer's Cow, a group of six Connecticut family-owned farms that produce eggs, milk, and other dairy products. The farmers organized in 2004 to create the brand and resell through supermarkets, groceries, and even Wal-Mart locations throughout Connecticut. I pick up their eggs when I'm in the local Stop & Shop supermarket.

The brand winningly conveys the "local, farm-fresh, and natural" positioning. And the farmers go on tour throughout the state to promote their brand, a wonderful way to put a human face on products that face so much competition within the supermarket dairy case.

The Connecticut dairy farmers need their marketing savvy at this moment--their profits are squeezed nearly dry. Positioning the Farmer's Cow as distinctly local and all-natural gives the farmers a very powerful tool for attracting loyal customers throughout Connecticut and beyond. Eggs from the Farmer's Cow!

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