Thursday, July 9, 2009


Via Twitter, I've been reading posts about #Buzz2009, which its web site says "is for associations eager to incorporate social media and word of mouth tactics into their overall strategy." Very interesting speakers--Andy Sernovitz and Guy Kawasaki plus, among others, Stacey Kane of California Tortilla and Stephanie Miller of ReturnPath.

To read all the tweets, search #buzz2009 in your favorite Twitter tool and you'll see what everyone's been saying. A small selection of tweets from the audience (not from panelists, who didn't tweet while speaking):

Jeff Hurt: "Want to see ROI, put tellafriend button on your email and everytime button clicked, its worth $1 then you can use hard dollars"
Jeff Crab: "You have many layers of followers - even though only some will RT you...many more read/view your material"
Meet/Collab: "Give people something to talk about and make it easy to participate"
ShowTecAE: "Great point, if you're forcing the viral campaign, you're trying to hard."
The Black Hill: "Justifying social media time to your boss? Set up specific metrics (including hours spent) to measure ROI"

Live from SmartBrief's panel discussion, highlights here.

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