Monday, July 6, 2009

Out on the Ledge in Chicago

This past week I noticed many media items about the newly-opened "Ledge" on Chicago's Sears Tower (soon to be renamed the Willis Tower). At a time when many attractions and tourist destinations are hurting for business, the Ledge--a series of glass balconies that allow visitors to look straight down at the street from 103 stories up--is a smash hit.

Want to see the view? It's included with the $14.95 admission fee to the Sky Deck. On a perfectly clear day, you should be able to see for 50 miles. Or, if you prefer, just step out on the thick glass and look down at the streets of Chicago, as in these photos.

The Ledge's grand-opening is part of an ongoing multimillion-dollar renovation of the building. Backed by lots of media attention, the Sky Deck is likely to pay many happy returns for many years. Can't wait to try the Ledge next time I'm in the Windy City.

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