Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fresh Direct Makes Mouths Water

If you live in or near New York City you've probably heard about FreshDirect, which (as its name implies), buys "directly from farms, dairies and fisheries (not middlemen), so it's several days fresher and a lot less expensive when it gets to your table."

This isn't your usual online grocery retailer. The site romances food with luscious photos and lush descriptions, making the pages a virtual feast for food lovers. Visitors can take a photo tour of the facility's food departments and browse mouth-watering photos of produce and premade entrees. FreshDirect also posts customer testimonials, a nice bit of word-of-mouth, and offers recipes too.

Not surprisingly, FreshDirect enjoys unusually high customer loyalty. Its ads and celebrity shopping lists have a distinctly New York flavor. Who outside of NYC still remembers former mayor Ed Koch? Warning: Don't look at this site when you're hungry.

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