Friday, February 27, 2009

LEGO Brands Everything

Branding extends to every part of the enterprise at LEGO, where execs use personalized LEGO people as their business cards. GizModo visited LEGO last year and brought back this video.
The company is 51 years old and going strong, with new products and new partners all the time. For instance, Disney is licensing LEGO for movie-related merchandise, a great idea. Iconic LEGOs are instantly recognizable and "translate" into every language and culture. The brand is a perfect example of a name that's easy to say, easy to remember.
Strong brand, strong financials: LEGO's 2008 results suggest that the worldwide market for these interlocking blocks is not yet saturated. The company anticipates smaller sales/profit increases in 2009 but still--people have to have their LEGOS even when the economy is in tatters. Go go LEGO.

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